Friday, 31 December 2010

Skype adds video calls to iPhone app

Original Post : The Register

I have been waiting for this for so long and had just gotten a iPod Touch for Christmas so now I have Skype on me at home and at work (on the bus i read a book so :-p yeah peace).

Tested it basically at my father inlaws iPod touch to Laptop but I think it sends everything to the server rather than tunneling content directly as the video quality wasn't great. Don't get me wrong its good enough for the job and especially if its also over 3G too. Though I would have thought that the quality of the video would be better even if the quality was down graded for the 3G network.


I was using iBooks the other night for the first time in ages and was looking through the free section and found the book "The demon girl" by Penelope Fletcher www, twitter , which is new and really quite good. I couldn't put it down am looking forward to the next book and am willing to pay for the sequel. I think that it's a brilliant way for new authors to get a new audience. As I for one find it hard to find a author that I like to read.

Now you couldn't view more than 100 books in the free section and you had to load them 10 at a time. When I went to the categories section and tried to drill down into a category I was told a list of authors and not the titles of the books found it really hard to find any type of book to buy. That I would be interested in buying. I would suggest Apple fix that soon and it ruined the experience for me. Also when I noticed the free book section and clicked on it it seemed to lose the category. A major revamp of the iBooks shop is needed looking at the human experience and not the profit.

Blogspots/iBlogger time stamp seems screwed

The date stamp on my previous posts are all screwed up if I create the post in iBlogger it seems to have one date while if I use the site it has another.

What was the last blog post I read in 2010


Geekbeat previously geekbrief a brilliant video podcast I suppose I should say vodcast to be correct. I don't know if it's me or Cali but she seems to have slowed down her speech but I'm having no problem understanding everything she says now. Would really recommend her vodcast if your interested in technology blogs.

Geakbeat tv

So why another blog?

Well to answer that question you have to look at my other blogs one about Bloodmoon Games and one about food. Neither of which is a general blog about anything and everything. So welcome to my first post.

I hope that this will be the first of many blog posts about things I like as well as dislike. So i'm writing this using iBlogger on my iPod. I like it for. It's ability to log into multiple blogs it has most of the built in iPod text functions but one that is missing is after pressing the space bar twice to put a full stop in and start a new sentence. It doesn't automatically put on the caps lock for you while on a normal computer this is not an issue on a iPod touch it is really quite useful.