Friday, 31 December 2010


I was using iBooks the other night for the first time in ages and was looking through the free section and found the book "The demon girl" by Penelope Fletcher www, twitter , which is new and really quite good. I couldn't put it down am looking forward to the next book and am willing to pay for the sequel. I think that it's a brilliant way for new authors to get a new audience. As I for one find it hard to find a author that I like to read.

Now you couldn't view more than 100 books in the free section and you had to load them 10 at a time. When I went to the categories section and tried to drill down into a category I was told a list of authors and not the titles of the books found it really hard to find any type of book to buy. That I would be interested in buying. I would suggest Apple fix that soon and it ruined the experience for me. Also when I noticed the free book section and clicked on it it seemed to lose the category. A major revamp of the iBooks shop is needed looking at the human experience and not the profit.

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