Friday, 7 January 2011

Call of Duty - Black Ops - review

So I've been playing Black Ops since it came out and I must admit that when its working its a great game and quite playable at 30 fps. I like the types of game you can play so its not just the normal Death Match, Capture the Flag, Domination type modes but the wager matches really make it fun. The ability to play a game where the weapons are the same for everyone really balances the game out bringing it down to skill and GFX power. I love the Recent Servers tab that allows you to see the previous servers you were on quite handy when you find a server that fits but the game crashes. Allows you to come back to it easily. The game has definitely become more stable lately as well which definitely helps I went through a period where the game would crash after 30 seconds of game play.

The couple of things that really needs updating in my opinion is the period between a game ending and a new one starting. You get a couple of seconds to post a quick message but not long enough for a conversation as your score card kills your message on you then your redirected to the loading map screen for the next game. You would think that by now developers would be putting you into a "lobby" where you could chat while the game loads the next map. Also changing the message location to be lower would be much better nothing worst than trying to look over text in the game.

I'm running it on a Quad Core 2Ghz Machine with 4Gb Ram & 2x 512Mb Radeon 2600HD graphics cards and only getting 30fps though sometimes it does jump to 50fps but not in game play.

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