Monday, 17 January 2011

Metro UK app - review

This app annoys me it expects an Internet connection to be on all the time. When you open the app it keeps asking for your email address and doesn't remember you didn't want to give it out to be spammed by them. The second thing is that the format is that of a scanned page with each being downloaded separately. It makes it hard to use and clunky it's a pity because they could have done this so much better. All I can say is thank god that Apple blocks flash cos I'm sure that all the paper ads would be flash based. Don't get me wrong I love reading this paper on the bus. It's just that the app doesn't work for me.

What they should do in my opinion is redesign the app to have all the stories as separate articles with or with out photos. Have each article preceded by a picture of one of the adverts under the heading "This article sponsored by" and a couple of buttons "Skip" and "More Info" below. That way they can sell mobile advertisements. They should have the whole paper download to your mobile device over night. Lastly the app should have articles in categories as I'm interested In tech and science articles and not gossip.

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