Monday, 10 January 2011

My ideal Operating system - folder structure

Ok I've spoken about storing a complete application in a single .app folder that when double clicked will act like an application. Which keeps within my keep it simple motto.

Next I'd like to talk about your basic computer's set up. So let's say you have got a computer and your running my ideal OS on it how would the file structure look to a new user? Would it be complex looking like Linux. Which to be honest still confuses the hell out of me. Or would it be like windows that seems to change every version but does put most of the files into one of three folders windows or variant, program files and lastly documents and settings. Or what about the Amiga another operating system that has loads of folders that cover the root folder of the machine.

Well I would start by having a single folder containing the OS that would be hidden and would be called OS.

A folder called apps with .app files contained in a category based folder tree structure.

A folder called user data that holds a folder for each user to save private information too.

An important note about this is that while the is folder is hidden it is not in accessible. Also the app folder structure is re-definable by the user but when a .app folder is down loaded you would be asked where to save it the default would be apps/category/subcategory/...

Next time I'll talk about the desk top interface.

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