Sunday, 2 January 2011

My wife thinks I'm addicted to coffee

I'm not, I'm addicted to information. I hate being off line, take Dec 20 one of many people sitting in Birmingham airport watching screen to see when we would take off. Except I had one extra piece of information that others didn't. I knew that only one plane flew our route so while everyone was watching the departures board for our flight information to be updated. I was watching the departures board in Belfast to see if the plane was leaving Belfast at all.

Having information makes us feel safe and comfortable so why aren't some companies giving us the real information rather than marketing bullshit?

It's funny but my addiction to information seems to have snuck up on me. It just while lying in bed after reading all the news posts and having no network connection now that I realise I'm an addict.

Spend today thinking about what company RSS feeds to add to my google reader account. It's mad but some days it seems that news appears in blocks from lots of different sources.

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