Monday, 24 January 2011

A rail fiasco.

Was reading the front page of the Metro on thursday last week (20th Jan),  The headline was "Fares to soar to end rail crush" and there was me and probably a lot of other people thinking that adding an extra carriage to the train would help.  After all the government wants us to use public transport and leave our cars at home.  Seems like enough toffs has probably complained that they can't read their morning paper.  So how do they propose to get around it well put the prices up and make the poorer people make their own way to work.

Surely the trains have to have insurance to run.  According to the Metro in their article some trains are running at 240 - 350 (Approx) over their capacity which is approx 150% capacity.  Compare this to if I hire a taxi, the taxi is only insured to handle x amount of people.  I'm not sure of the law in regards to this but if the police stopped a taxi that was insured to have 4 passengers and there were 7 passengers the driver would probably get nicked.  Are the rail bosses putting our lives at risk for profit.  I've traveled on an over crowed train and the only place I could stand/sit was in the connection area between two carriages you know the crumple zone.

The government needs to implement a law if they haven't already that states that a vehicle may not carry passengers that exceed

A) The maximum capacity.
B) The maximum insured capacity.

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