Monday, 7 March 2011

Examples of Exploiting Game Flaws

Call of Duty - Black Ops 

I always thought that the spawn points we shit in this game I just didn't realise that they were as bad as they are until I watched a youTube video of the spawn flaws in one map.  Of course this only works if the team work together to hold the "Respawn Spawn Point" in the right location.  But this really needs fixed surely they could be able to have the server pick a random spot out of the "Field of Fire" for people to respawn to. even a 10-15 degree arc would work.

Social Games

The other thing I did this weekend was read this article about a guy who cheated in a live social game.  The only described rule was that the winner was the one who collected the most coins.  Each person that entered conference got a token (coin).  One guy asks for the bag of coins and its given to him.  Man I laughed reading the article.  This basically describes that the user will play the game in a way the developers didn't think of.  No matter how much you as a game developer develop the rules of a game someone will find a flaw and exploit it.


Whether you find a way to lock people into respawn points or find a naive guy who hands you a bag of coins these issues will continue to be found and exploited.

Gaming companies need to embrace these issues and fix them asap.

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