Wednesday, 2 March 2011

So I got rid of my mobile last September

I found I was paying £35 a month for the iPhone 3G that I had. and while I was using it the primary function for data (internet activity) and secondary as a mobile.  I also noticed that I only called a very few people and worst yet I received more unsolicited calls than wanted ones.  The iPhone definitely started to make me a bit of an Apple fan boy.  But that was down to the internet activity I was using the phone for.  I also realised that the people I did call the most (family) I knew the number for.  So I took the big step of getting rid of my mobile phone.  I must admit it feels great being not being contactable by marketing people.  My family all have my work number and my home number.

So I sold the iPhone and bought two iPod Touch an 8Gb for the wife and 32Gb one for me.  I can hear most people thinking why you telling me this.  Well the iPod Touch has Facetime and Skype video calls.  I've been making free video calls to the wife nearly every day now for nearly 3 months.  I've made video calls to some friends using Skype and have no monthly bill.  This has saved me £105 pounds in the first 3 months by the end of another 3 months I will have paid for the devices.

The call quality for using Facetime is brilliant my only issue with the Facetime app and I don;t know if this is the same for the iPhone4 is the length of time it takes to make a connection.  I started a call at home between the two devices and it took nearly 30 seconds for the second device to start ringing and then 5-10 seconds to send back and create the connection. Once connected there was no lag between the devices which is really great.

Over all a great product and worth every penny.

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