Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding Effect?

Is this the effect of the royal wedding? or have people actually stopped playing Call of Duty - Black Ops?
I mean it lists only 7 thousand players and only shows servers with 52 people on board and that's after a complete refresh.  That of course also doesn't take into account the fact that I'm disillusioned with the game.  Due to the new DLC convent most servers I played have added the new maps. But I'm just not willing to pay any more money to this company.

Viewing 3D graphics with out a 3D screen

I just read the following tweet "RT @VentureBeat: iPad 2, iPhone 4 gets glasses-free 3D using head tracking (video)". You guys should check out the article it's about some researchers that have been able to make an iPhone 4 and the iPad 2 display a 3D view of an object.

The idea is that the front facing camera looks at how you are looking at a screen and renders based on that. So if you move your head it changes the coordinates and viewing vector of the scene camera. Now that's pretty amazing tech

Sorry its been a while

I've been fighting with DNS records trying to get a domain pointed at my blog, but it just wouldn't take.  Instead of pointing the domain at my blog it kept pointing my blog to the domain.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Other Books I can recommend

I can definitely also recommend the following books

By Penelope Fletcher
By Paul Edwards
By Wesley Allison
By David Kitson

I couldn't resist - Light in the Barren Lands - review

Author : Brian S. Pratt,
Price : £3.49

I just needed to know so I bought the first book in the "Travail of the Dark Mage" series "Light in the Barren Lands" and man I wasn't disappointed.  This book is brilliant it covers James getting accidently returned to earth and the consequences that happen when his return causes an explosion.  The feds think hes a terrorist and are after him.  Its well thought out and half the time I'm thinking "PLEASE NOOO!!!!!" as James gets further and further into trouble.