Monday, 27 June 2011

Finally got round to trying Ubuntu 11.04

The "trying" in the title is correct. I often reinstall my computer to try out different operating systems. From Ubuntu, Aros, Mac OSX and BeOS. I like to try them out I hate using windows it just feels clunky and every once in a while I put Vista back on the machine. So the latest Ubuntu came out in April but i just haven't tried it yet. So today I backed up all the content on my machine to an external HD. I'm running a pretty old machine 3yrs with 4GB ram , quad core CPU, 3x 500Gb in raid giving me 1.5Tb of disk space, 2 Radeon 2600HD GFX cards connected to 3 Monitors (currently only 2 working).

So I downloaded the latest ubuntu from the website the 64bit version and installed it. I was highly surprised when the install finally picked up that I had 3 hard drives linked in a raid and supplied it as a single drive rather that 3 separate drives that it normally does. So with a big grin on my face I deleted all of the partitions and told it to install the OS to a 500GB partition a 10GB swap space and the /home mounted on the other 1TB partition.

The installation went perfectly and very fast up to the point where it tried to write the grub boot loader. I got an error about the fact that it could not write to the drive. Let me explain as I explained above I like to install Operating systems one of which was Mandrake. I've installed RedHat and Ubuntu before but not Mandrake I think it was the spring 2010 version but when I tried to uninstall that and put windows back on I had problems with the fact that I couldn't get rid of its boot loader. It took me ages to fix I had to install windows and mess about with the command line to try and do an "fdisk /mbr". I think that this previous issue is stopping me from installing grub on the partition table.

So I guess thats what I'll be doing from tomorrow on. I did like what I've seen so far with ubuntu and am looking forward to playing with it when i get it installed. Any tips on how to fix this would be verify welcome.



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