Monday, 6 June 2011

The glass is half full.

Why is the glass always half full with Apple, and by that I mean that there always seems to be something left out. Let's talk about iCloud and it's syncing. Joy of joys I hear you say but let's look at it. What they have said is that every device will automatically sync. Well let's hope that doesn't happen.

Lets say you were at a wedding or some such event where you might take a hundred photo easily. Now let's say that that is 200MB of data for this example and let's say that they were taken on your iPhone. now they are going to sync to your home PC, your laptop, your iPad and your iPod touch.

That's 1GB of data 200Mb up and 800MB down we will ignore the 24mb let's over.

I assumed correctly that Apple would have thought about the amount of time and bandwidth it takes to upload your iTunes music library but they seem to have missed the plot about the way that photos should be dealt with.

I hope that each device has the ability to choose what way it syncs. I for one would prefer to download scaled versions of photos to my devices with the option per photo to download the original. That way people can choose to download the originals to the big PC at the back of the house but to download iPod touch size thumbnails on to the iPod touch as the default with of course the ability to download the original as the default for that device. I ask you honestly how regularly do you pinch and zoom on photos compared to how many times to you just flick between photos. I would also like the albums to come as a notification so that I can choose the sync option like "Don't sync to this device". Or "sync when on wifi". Or better yet "Ask when I go on wifi" so I can choose to sync everything while having coffee in Starbucks. Also the ability to sync with other devices with out going to the cloud is a must. just look at how distributed version control works i.e. Mercurial.

I'm very happy with the thought of wifi syncing my device while at home. just not sure if I want to have it downloading to every device. This would mean that every time I took a phot on my 32GB iPad that my wife's iPod touch 8GB would receive a copy. Not that I have anything to hide I just don't think she has much space on her iPod. I'm also sure that the 50-60 books that I have bought and read since Christmas would be of interest to her.

I'll leave you with this thought "It would be nice to be able to control the syncing of all my devices from any device"

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