Friday, 3 June 2011

I played with the Blackberry Playbook today

Note:: I only got to play with it for ten minutes

Its a nice looking device and I do like the layout my main problem is that due to the fact that there are no buttons I couldn't figure out how to exit some programs and had to be shown.  So minus one point there for not being more straight forward and simple to use.  Once I was shown how to go back (slide finger from outside the screen onto the screen) to the dashboard or what ever they are calling it.  I started to play with it so I loaded the racing game that was on it then accidentally moved my finger from the black area onto the screen and it shrunk it to 50% (nice feature I thought so plus one point) then instead of clicking on the game screen that was still playing I slide my finger up and it disappeared behind some UI on me (so minus 1 point) then I slide my finger the other way and got something else instead.  I played with the camera and it seemed very good much better than my iPad but that's not really hard now is it.

The fact that there is no email client on it is also a negative aspect I just can't understand the point in having a tablet and not being able to access my email on its nice screen.  I liked the weight and the feel of the device and after some playing with it I did like it.  I think that they have done a really nice job on it the UI just needs to be gotten used to and I'm sure that if I had it for a full day I would have gotten used to it quick enough.

I honestly thought that the device would have been bigger I haven't followed the spec's of it but I was definitely thinking of a larger device when the word book was used more along the lines of a large hardback book rather than a smaller paper back.  RIM definitely have a nice product and I do hope that they get enough developers to produce applications for it.  I see this as being a more acceptable to businesses because they are using Blackberries for the company mobiles that they will also go with the Playbook.  I will be very interested to see how it evolves.

The bottom line is that if someone gave me one I would happily take it and I do think that its got a life in corporations.  I feel that it will be easier to get this device from your company rather than an iPad or Android Tablet.

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