Thursday, 16 June 2011

IPad - Pages app review

I've recently downloaded pages for the iPad to work on a word document on the go and while it's a lovely program it does have some flaws which with a text editor are really seriously missing features.

FIrstly we have the problem that while there is an option for replacing text it doesn't work. What happens is that you highlight a section that you want to replace throughout the document, select the more.. option from the popup bubble then select the replace option and it just keeps saying 'no replacement found'. Doesn't bother to ask you what you want to replace it with it just says in the words of 'Little Britian'; "Computer says no!!". If they changed the message to Apple does not know what to replace the text with.

Second we have document headings. It won't let you change their styles across the document. Since the document I imported had really bad header styles I wanted to up date them. This is a manual process for the user because if you select a heading type it applies the heading in the document style. Which for this document was all messed up the header one style was smaller than the header two style and header three, etc..

Now for the nice things it does, the ability to highlight a document and put it into multiple columns, the ability to format tables is quick and straight forward but the cell outline options does not seem to have an option for no borders, image handling is brilliant take an image and make the background transparent and the text will flow against the image.

If I was to rate the app then 4/5 stars even with the flaws I stated it's a great app.

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