Monday, 6 June 2011

What I'm looking for from Apple today.

My main hopes are two fold I'm hoping for more functionality with photos like iPhoto on the Mac plus syncing and sharing options and of course wifi syncing of my iPad.

For photography I would like to see the ability to create and manage albums on the iPad I don't sync that often and prefer to use my iPad for as much as possible. I would like the ability to create albums on the iPad and to have those sync to the cloud and for it to be easy to allow others to have access to the albums that I want to grant them access to. So if I log in to my iClound account form any computer I can see all the albums that my friends have shared. With automatic thumbnails and small screen sized photos for viewing. With larger originals available for download just so I don't have to download 4.3MB files all the time. I would like to see the functionality of iPhoto on my iPad so that it could suggest people from my contacts and have the ability to link to my contacts to see all photos of that person. I would also like to be able to set up a new album and have photos go directly there.

For syncing I would hope that there would be the ability to sync to the iCloud service as well as to a server at home and all wifi based. I don't think that the iCloud service is going to be just for music. I would like to see it syncing all my apps, selected albums, music, books, etc... I have approx (as of about 3 months ago) 360GB of stuff in my iTunes folder on my machine. the big things are the movies that I have downloaded but I have about 100GB of photos that I've taken as well. I'm hoping that the music folder is fully synced to iCloud for off line access though I really need to clean it up as I ripped every CD I had and most of them I never listen too.

One rumour that I heard is that you might be able to log in to any computer with your iTunes details and use your stuff. This is very similar to what I was discussing with an Apple employee pre Christmas. I was explaining that I had gotten rid of my mobile and was using two iTouch 4th Gen iPods to video chat with my wife. I was explaining that I could envision a time when you would walk up to a booth and log in with your iTunes account and make a video call to someone or send an email. Of course the booth would charge 10 pence per minute to your iTunes account. while if I picked up a friends iPad I could log in and call some one for free.

Anything else will be a bonus. Any way today is going to be interesting.

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