Monday, 11 July 2011

Why I believe that Apple should announce FaceTime for other devices

With Skype integration into Facebook and Google bringing Google Talk video chat to Android 3.0 devices. Apple needs to produce FaceTime for Windows, Linux, Android & WebOS.

Skype has a great lead and this race is now on. Microsoft's purchase of Skype and deal with Facebook has upped the anti.  This race will be won by the system with the most users.  Skype is in the lead then FaceTime came along and enabled video calling from mobile devices.  Google are going to to launch video chat with their social network Google+.  Where does that leave Apple since they opened the standard for FaceTime I haven't heard of any developers developing a desktop application that will communicate with the FaceTime servers.  That means that if Apple don't release a desktop application for different Operating systems they could be left behind.  Also enabling it across 3G & 4G would be a very good idea.

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