Monday, 5 September 2011

Google+ and why I like its security.

Have been doing a bit of an experiment with Google+,  I added approximately 800+ people to a circle "People Google thinks I know but I don't".  What I've found interesting about this little experiment of mine is that after several weeks of having this many people in my list I started to find people that I was interested in listening too.  So every once in a while I will now go through this massive circle and find people that I want to keep and I will move them from the large group to one of my new mini circles which relate to categories of interest.

I was quite surprised that my incoming stream didn't really get flooded and I love the fact that I can choose which circle I want to publish content to.  This is not something I would have even thought about doing on Facebook as I don't feel the security exists there and over the last year I've nearly stopped posting content to Facebook for this very reason.

I like the way that Google has implemented both the Stream and the Game Channel but then they were starting from scratch and its a lot easier to put the security in at the start than after several years of comments. Especially since the reactions to privacy issues on Facebook.  I think that you'll find from now on any new social sites will adopt this type of privacy model.

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