Thursday, 13 October 2011

Newsstand review

I've previously reviewed the Metro app on this blog. After upgrading to the new shiny iOS5 for my iPad and getting the newsstand application I thought I would check it out. Now newsstand is a central location for you to receive all of your news/magazine content on your iPad and should replace the need for separate applications for each and every newspaper you read.

Now to get back to the Metro App I mentioned above for a second. Previously I complained that because I previously had a iPod Touch with no mobile internet access when on the bus that the application was a bit shit due to continually downloading content. So when I seen that Metro had a free paper on newsstand I thought I would give it a look.

What I've found is that the paper is now fully downloadable to your device which is great. As once it is downloaded you are able to read away with out waiting for pdf like pages to load content. Now the only fly in the ointment is that the version that I downloaded this morning has been updated and I've been asked if I wanted to update which I said yes and had to download the 18.1Mb file again. I thought the whole point of this new version of iOS5 was the we would receive delta updates for files.

Looks like Apple missed stepped here. This really needs to be fixed as delta updates would be brilliant for this. Wired's free sample was 156MB in size If that updates I don't want to be downloading all of that data again. Its my Bandwidth and I don't like wasting it.

Come on Apple get this fixed.

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