Friday, 31 August 2012

Sky get your act together

 Our phone & broadband  has not worked for at least the last two weeks,  I have been asking for an engineer to come out and fix it and you will not send one. Maybe I shouldn't pay my bill!!!

I have reported this every couple of days I've run all the tests you have wanted see previous emails.

I have tested using the test socket where you have to unscrew the front panel.

I have tried the new filter (no surprise that failed to fix it) I have one member of your staff saying its out side our house another says its in side.

Let me tell you where it is its that muppet of an engineer you first sent out he broke it.  So you had to send a different guy the next day to fix his mistake and now its failing again.  Before coming to sky I had 6-8MB connection since coming to you I have 1-2MB connection.

I used to buy movies on iTunes and be able to watch them after waiting 5 seconds now i have to wait for it to fully download and with the broadband you have been supplying that means the next day.  So guess what I haven't bought many movies since moving to your selves.

I can just about play online games but the ping rate has hit over 10000.  in the last few weeks.

PS I'm posting this on your google+ page and if you have a facebook page. 

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