Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Android fan boys jump on poor iPhone Sales to scream that their phone is better.

Seen this and just knew they would be claiming Android beats iPhone,  but come on guys be honest with yourselves all this means is that those that are wanting an iPhone and I'm including wanting the iPhone 4S and 4 in this statement are waiting for the next release because the tariffs/costs to purchase will drop the moment the new device is announced.  Those that want a cheaper iPhone will go for the 4 or 4S and a cheaper handset cost as well.

I'm not dissing the Android Community at all in this but people have to remove the ideological blinkers from their heads and accept that dips in sales happen when the customer becomes aware and waits for the next version of the phone they really want.  These are also probably the same people who were big into the OS wars Windows, Linux, Mac & Amiga (me).

Just accept that each phone has its benefits and leave it at that.

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