Sunday, 6 January 2013

Had to use an Android phone the other day at work.

All I had to do was redial a number that we had just used (we were just testing the office phone network) so i picked up the phone and navigated to the last call screen very simple.  The one that lists the last numbers that you rang.  I pressed the last number and stuck the phone to my ear.  after waiting 10 seconds for the ring tone I looked back at the screen.  The phone was still sitting on the list of numbers that you previously dialed.  So I thought doh I mustn't have actually pressed correctly. So I pressed the screen again noticed an interaction and as I was putting it to my ear realised that it screen didn't look like it was making a call.

Looking again I realised that the default action was to list the history of making the calls "What?????  No" I thought to my self the default should be make the bleeding call I wanted to not list the history then have to click on one of those previous 5 calls to actually make the call.

I mean I had to choose one of 5 options all of which was the same.  Now I don't know if this is still the way that Android phones work but honestly just make the dam call.  This could be simply fixed by putting ring number icon on the right hand side of the cell.  Which you can  then easily click on to make a call or click on the data cell.

Every phone I've ever used would dial the frigging number when you select it from the call history.

Found out today that it was running version 2.2 of Android

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