Sunday, 27 October 2013

So is it worth upgrading to Mavericks?

Well I would have to say yes, I have two machines my oldest machine is a mac mini 2011 and it has definitely become a more responsive machine since upgrading, but the best bit is my Mac Book Air a 2012 model.  I had bought Black Ops for it when it came out and to say that I was depressed by the performance I received we are talking a game that felt that I was getting 15-30 Frames per second and was not very responsive.  After the upgrade of my OS to Mavericks I decided to test BlackOps to see if there are any benefits from the new OS and my initial response would have to be a resounding YES.  The game is still sluggish I would think that I’m getting 30-50 FPS now and it definitely is playable.  Though not blinding fast it is enjoyable to be able to play this game,  I used to play it on a PC with a couple of bad graphics cards,  I was getting 30 -50 fps at that time so it feels the same as at that time.

So if you haven't upgraded to Mavericks whats stopping you,  I downloaded the Upgrade and ran it with no backups made of my computer and vola two new faster machines.

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