Sunday, 29 December 2013

Google Bug at least in chrome

I opened chrome today and I think i found a bug / strange feature in google chrome

in the search box i pressed space and the logo and search box disappeared.

Now I have no idea why this is supposed to do this i'm classifying it as a bug though

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Mac OsX - Screen Sharing

I just accidentally found an absolutely fantastic function on Mac OsX - "Screen Sharing" I had downloaded multiple products and hadn't found one that would let me remote control my mac mini from my mac book air, iphone or ipad easily and effectively.

Well I was on the mac mini configuring the remote access to it once again and I notice on the left of the finder window my laptop.  Now I thought to my self I wonder what shares exist on my laptop.  So I click on the icon and then I notice a share screen button I had never noticed before. Mainly because I had not enabled it on my mac mini but had for some reason on my laptop.  So I clicked the button and was looking at my laptop screen.

A quick search on the help menu for "Share" and the third results is "Share the screen of another Mac" a few click later (Thank you Apple) and i'm in the preferences section tick a box and bingo I can access my Mac Mini sweet.

What a wonderful easy solution, and most importantly Found it on Christmas Eve so bonus Present for me.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Absolute Tae Kwon-Do Association - website

I've recently had to move the ATKDA website from the excellent web site CMS at to a new free hosting provider.  This is because the ATKDA is a non-profit organisation.  I must admit that I loved the SquareSpace interface and system and would like to thank them for the IT Support help they have given us over the last year. Unfortunately the annual charge is just too much for our organisation at this time.  So I have moved the blog to a free blogger account and have pointed the domain to the new location.

So please check out the new ATKDA website.

The ATKDA is a Member of the International Tae Kwon-Do Council (ITC) a new governing body designed to unite all versions of Tae Kwon-Do