Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Mac OsX - Screen Sharing

I just accidentally found an absolutely fantastic function on Mac OsX - "Screen Sharing" I had downloaded multiple products and hadn't found one that would let me remote control my mac mini from my mac book air, iphone or ipad easily and effectively.

Well I was on the mac mini configuring the remote access to it once again and I notice on the left of the finder window my laptop.  Now I thought to my self I wonder what shares exist on my laptop.  So I click on the icon and then I notice a share screen button I had never noticed before. Mainly because I had not enabled it on my mac mini but had for some reason on my laptop.  So I clicked the button and was looking at my laptop screen.

A quick search on the help menu for "Share" and the third results is "Share the screen of another Mac" a few click later (Thank you Apple) and i'm in the preferences section tick a box and bingo I can access my Mac Mini sweet.

What a wonderful easy solution, and most importantly Found it on Christmas Eve so bonus Present for me.

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