Friday, 20 February 2015

Will Apple launch a games console this year?

Since the moment that Apple announced Metal my first thought was not of the phone but of a fantastic upgrade for an AppleTV.  If Apple added the Latest processor to the Apple TV and allowed apps for your TV.  Then you would just have to add a couple of good game controllers and you have a fantastic media console with Siri and the ability to play console quality games on.  So for £150-£160 you could have a fantastic Gaming machine with two controllers.  Thats cheaper than the Nintendo Wii on launch in 2006.

If you think about it why would Apple want to produce a physical TV unit. My HD TV is 8 years old and I have no intention of replacing it any time soon.  But a new console which would be £100 upgrade every 2-3years  would just blow Sony & Microsoft out of the way.  Not to mention that this would be a great opportunity for indie game developers to get into homes.

Nintendo sold 3.19M Units in the first quarter.  How many people would buy an Apple TV instead of a £400 Playstation or XBox.  After all it's easier to find £150 that £400.

If I knew were to look I would be looking at who makes components for controllers and see if they are buying large quantities.

Fingers crossed.

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